Founder re-joins SANTIS

We are proud to have Enrico Bauer back on board: He was one of the company founders back in 1998. In spring 2017, he has re-joined SANTIS as Partner, with a bunch of fresh ideas.

Enrico has a Master degree in Computer Science of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). He was awarded a Swiss Technology prize for an innovation solution in digital business modelling. He has received the worldwide first MBA award in Sustainability Management, and for many years he has been a champion for sustainable business development. For over thirty years he has successfully managed and consulted complex regulatory and innovation projects. His professional experience spans from the financial sector to other industries, in Switzerland and internationally.

Privately, Enrico is actively engaged with fine arts as a collector, as a mentor for artists, and as a curator in his own gallery. He also owns and runs a well established holistic therapy and coaching studio. Last but not least he is the founder of a creative center and educational platform dedicated to the advancement of a holistically conscious humanity. He keeps on studying philosophy, natural sciences and psychosynthesis to deepen his understanding of the cosmos and of humanity.

Picture of Enrico Bauer