Community Event - Practical Deep Learning

The SANTIS Community Event is the platform for "Shaping the Future".

Deep Learning allows to recognize patterns in large amounts of data. Although the scientific principles have long been known, recent developments in computing power, memory capacity and program libraries have made many new applications possible - one of the best known being self-driving vehicles.

In his keynote speech, entrepreneur and expert Antonio Oro uses practical applications such as image recognition with deep learning - to recognize brands from a sports broadcast in real time or predict flash floods through rain radar images. Cloud computing facilitates scalable applications of artificial intelligence (deep learning) with small teams. Antonio Oro is founder and CEO of Quantworks AG and has a long track record in data analytics, applied statistics and quantitative finance modeling.

After the presentation, drinks and snacks offer the opportunity for informal discussions among like-minded guests and new contacts - partners, associates, guests, interested parties...


Am Schanzengraben 25
Zürich 8002