Earth from space with sun

We at SANTIS are Shaping the Future by making your organization truly fit for the future.

Our teams systematically and professionally challenge the status quo, strategical, operational and organizational concepts, processes, and your company culture. Together with your teams we understand where you are, imagine where you want to go, design and deliver innovative client-oriented solutions.

We partner with leading-edge research organizations (partially sponsored by the Swiss Federal CTI) and we offer radical approaches through our Competence Centers «Sustainability & Design» and «Human Relations».

We employ excellent people, and through our large network we additionally bring experts with a wide range of experience on board.

We love to take responsibility and be accountable for our professional work, and it is our core value to apply high ethical standards, such as honesty.

We are experienced and on top of developments in our subject areas, to identify better ways to do business, and to combine proven building blocks to innovative solutions for our clients.

SANTIS was founded in 1998 and has successfully been bringing future oriented solutions to clients and celebrated its own successes – thanks to taking a holistic view, integrating business and technology perspectives.

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